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Three Factors You Need To Consider When Selecting A Professional For Core Drilling Services

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If you have a slab of concrete that you need a circular hole drilled into, you need to hire a professional for core drilling services. Core drilling is done for many reasons. Placing holes through concrete allows contractors to place pipes, wires, duct work, and many other type of equipment that is used when building homes and buildings. If this is your first time hiring a core drilling service, you may be unsure what to look for in a professional. Read More»

Why Residential Concrete Driveways Sink And How To Get Them Back Into Place

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Concrete is heavy and bulky. Sometimes its sheer weight will cause a concrete driveway to sink down into the substrate located below it. However, most of the time when concrete sinks there are other factors at play. Once each of these factors has been properly rectified, then a concrete contractor can lift the driveway slab back into place and ensure it won’t sink again. To better understand why your concrete driveway has sunken and how to get it back into place, here’s more information: Read More»