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Three Factors You Need To Consider When Selecting A Professional For Core Drilling Services

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If you have a slab of concrete that you need a circular hole drilled into, you need to hire a professional for core drilling services. Core drilling is done for many reasons. Placing holes through concrete allows contractors to place pipes, wires, duct work, and many other type of equipment that is used when building homes and buildings. If this is your first time hiring a core drilling service, you may be unsure what to look for in a professional. Here are three factors you should consider. 

If They Are OSHA Certified

One of the factors that is important to consider when you are selecting a professional for core drilling services is whether they have the skill set needed to complete the job and stay safe on the job. OSHA and the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association offer certifications for concrete sawing and drilling. Finding a contractor who is certified with one or both of these organizations is one of the best ways to ensure you are hiring a contractor who has demonstrated they possess the skills to safely and correctly drill holes in concrete. 

What Drilling Equipment They Use

The second factor that you want to consider when you are selecting a professional for core drilling services is what drilling equipment they use. Some of the equipment that they may use includes hydraulic, hycycle, and electric drilling equipment. Different equipment can produce holes of different sizes, at different depths, and at different angles. Whether you need a small hole drilled all the way through your concrete slab or a large hole drilled partially through the slab, the right equipment is needed to make sure the hole is perfect. Ask contractors what equipment they use and if it is suited for the task you need completed. 

What Other Concrete Services They Offer

Lastly, ask the contractor if they offer any additional concrete services, such as concrete sawing, concrete grinding, or concrete grooving. Oftentimes, you will find that you need more than just core drilling services during the scope of your construction project. Working with one concrete contractor who can handle all your concrete manipulation needs may save time and money. 

Not every professional that offers core drilling services is the same. Some may specialize in certain projects or only carry certain equipment. Taking the time to consider each of these factors allows you to select the professional who is best suited for the task or tasks that you need to complete. For more information, contact companies like A & B Concrete Coring Company.