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4 Reasons To Choose A Garage Floor Coating

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If you use your garage for parking your car every night, your garage floor may be coated in dirt and stains. If you've decided to turn your garage into an exercise room or a place for your kids to play, you probably want to do something about the condition of the floor. You might consider vinyl flooring or gym mats, but a better choice might be a coating. Here's why a garage floor coating is worth considering.

1. The Coating Is Waterproof

If water occasionally seeps into your garage after a big rainstorm, you'll want flooring that's waterproof. A garage coating is waterproof, even if water puddles up on the floor for a while. The coating protects the floor so rain won't seep into the concrete pores. If water in your garage is a concern, then a floor coating is a good choice since you won't have to worry about the floor being wet.

2. Cars Can Park On A Coating

A garage floor coating is one of the few flooring options that you can also use for parking your car. A coating is durable, and it's also easy to clean when dirt is tracked in. Even oil is easy to clean off of a coated floor. You may not want to use your garage for parking after you turn it into a family room for the kids, but it's nice to know you still have that option if the covered parking space is needed.

3. A Coating Makes The Floor Attractive

Another benefit of a garage floor coating is that it makes your garage more attractive. That makes the space more welcoming to use as a recreation area and it also is a selling point if you put your home on the market.

A coating has a much-improved appearance over a bare concrete slab, and that makes the space seem more like an extra room in your house. Coatings come in several attractive colors, and you can add specks to the coating before it dries to provide interesting color contrast.

4. A Coating Hides Imperfections In The Concrete

Unlike paint that's more like a thin liquid, a coating has a lot of solids, so it starts out thick and hardens as it dries. A coating can cover up tiny cracks and chips so the floor looks flawless. Since the coating is so durable once it hardens, there is a lower risk of floor damage if you drop a heavy tool. The coating helps your garage floor stay attractive for a long time.

To learn more about updating your garage floor, reach out to a local service.