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Options for Your Broken Asphalt Paving

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Damages to asphalt paving on your property can look bad and impact the usability of the surface. Fortunately, broken asphalt can be fixed, although the options for this depend on the type and extent of the damage.


The most common asphalt damages are potholes and cracks, which can typically be repaired quite quickly. To judge repairability, your contractor will assess the cause and extent of the damage. Shallow potholes and cracks that haven't compromised the base material and aren't a result of problems in the base construction are repairable. 

Your contractor will clean out the damaged area and then patch it with a hot asphalt patching compound. The heat ensures that the patch incorporates into the surrounding pavement, which results in a more durable and long-lasting patch.


Resealing is sometimes the only thing necessary, while in other instances it is only needed once other repair tactics are completed. For example, you may choose to seal over a patched or resurfaced area to prolong its working lifespan.

Sealing is also a necessary repair when the surface of the asphalt begins to fade from weather or if it begins to gravel. Graveling is when the aggregate stones in the asphalt begin to loosen. A waterproof seal is applied over the surface of the paving, which stops graveling issues and reduces the amount of moisture that is absorbed. It also prevents the asphalt from drying too much and releasing its aggregate.


Badly broken asphalt may not be suitable for repair patches, but full replacement isn't always warranted. If the majority of the damage is only on the surface and doesn't penetrate through to the base, then resurfacing is a quicker and less expensive option than total replacement. 

The contractor will begin by grinding down the top layer of asphalt. They then patch any damages that have penetrated this deeply. Finally, they apply a fresh layer of asphalt over the top, giving a like-new result. 


Only the most severe damage requires replacement, either in full or in part. If the base is failing or if large chunks of asphalt are missing, then replacement may be needed. You may also need to replace a section if it is damaged and lifted, such as from a tree root.

The old asphalt is first broken up and removed. If only a section needs replacing, then it is cut out. The base is reconstructed as needed, and then new asphalt is installed. 

Contact a damaged asphalt paving repair service for more help with your problem paving.