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5 Benefits Of Outdoor Patio Coatings

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A concrete patio is relatively low maintenance, but there is one bit of preventative care you can provide that will greatly extend its life and improve its cosmetic appearance. An epoxy patio coating has many benefits that are worth considering. 

1. Moisture Protection

Moisture can be a major cause of damage to outdoor paving. It seeps into the concrete, where it can expand in freezing weather and cause the paving to crack. An epoxy coating creates a moisture-proof barrier so that the semi-porous concrete will no longer seep in. The result is less of a chance for cracking and fewer moisture-related paving issues. 

2. Stain Prevention

Patios are particularly prone to a variety of stains. Food stains from spills during outdoor barbecues and parties can create a permanent eyesore. Paint and mechanical fluids can cause impossible to remove stains. Even things like mold or algae can create stubborn stains on paving. Fortunately, epoxy coatings prevent the stain from soaking into the pavement. Since the coating isn't absorbent, it's simple to just mop up spills before a stain occurs.

3. Slip Resistance

There are textured coatings available that provide the benefit of slip resistance. This is especially helpful on uncovered patio areas where water can create dangerous conditions. You may also want to use slip-resistant coatings on patios that surround pools or hot tubs since slips in these areas can be particularly common. There are a variety of textures to choose from, with many providing both an attractive appearance along with improved safety.

4. Color Improvement

If your patio is already stained or discolored, then a coating will provide yet another major improvement — a fresh surface color. Epoxy coatings come in a huge range of colors, including custom colors, so you can match the coating to whatever look you are going for. You can even combine epoxy colors to create simple designs if you would like to add even more of a visual punch to your patio.

5. Weathering Resilience

Weathering can wear down paving prematurely, and outdoor patios are especially exposed to all of the seasonal weather variations. Not only is there the issue with moisture, but high winds during dry weather can lead to sandblasting damage that slowly erodes the surface of your paving. A good quality epoxy coating is designed to last a decade or longer, which means your paving won't be exposed to the vagaries of the weather. 

Contact a coating contractor to learn more about outdoor patio coatings.