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Hire An Asphalt Contractor To Pave A Residential Driveway

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Upgrading your gravel driveway to one that is paved will increase the value of your property and may make driving conditions more secure since snow and ice will be easier to remove from a paved surface. Consult with a few contractors to review their past job performances and proposed strategies for your property.

Descriptions, Pictures, And Lifespans

During each consultation, provide measurements of the driveway that needs to be paved and relay information about the slope of the surface and current drainage issues. This information will be used to provide you with an estimate for the project.

Many contractors take photos of their finished work. Photographs are often used to advertise a business and to provide new clients with some insight into what a completed paving project will look like. Request reading material and photos from each paving company that you are reviewing.

During each consultation, find out about the lifespan of pavement, maintenance services that are covered through a company, and any warranties that a contractor offers. Read all of the paperwork in-depth and look over the photos to help you decide which business offers the services you are seeking.

A Walkthrough And Preparations

Upon hiring a contractor, book a time for them to assess the property in person. If there are any dips in your driveway or if water pools whenever it rains, the contractor may advise on making some changes to the existing layout of the driveway.

Widening or lengthening the surface may be desired if your current driveway does not provide you with adequate space for parking your vehicles. During the installation of asphalt pavement, the property that surrounds it may be minimally disrupted. The contractor may cover the grass, plants, and other natural features that are located within the vicinity of the driveway.

Loose materials, yard decor, and other items that could potentially be in the way of the crew should be removed, prior to the installation. Paving companies often install asphalt over a layer of crushed gravel. Gravel will provide an asphalt surface with a firm foundation. The gravel that is currently on your property may be replaced, or you may have the option of having pavement installed over it.

If you have hired a company that traditionally does not use gravel as an aggregate base for pavement, they may use an extra thick layer of asphalt as an alternative. Make sure that you understand all of the services that you will be paying for, prior to signing the legal paperwork that the paving company requires.

If you want a new driveway, contact a local asphalt paving contractor.