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3 Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Large And Small Business Owners

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Maintaining your parking lot isn't just a matter of pride and safety; it also makes a good first impression on a business. Regardless of how large your business happens to be, your parking lot is the first thing most of your customers will see. Achieving an excellent first impression encourages customers to come to your establishment, while a poor one can quickly drive them away.

With so many crumbling parking lots and roads, you might think that maintaining yours is a challenging and costly task. Fortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth! These three tips will help you keep your parking lot safe and attractive while also extending its lifespan and minimizing the need for significant repairs.

1. Perform Inspections

Do you drive to the same spot every day without paying much attention to the rest of your lot? Parking lot wear and tear isn't always uniform, and it's easy to miss the signs of trouble if you ignore large portions of your asphalt. Routine inspections are essential to any asphalt maintenance plan, and you shouldn't overlook the importance of this straightforward task.

At a minimum, you should thoroughly inspect your parking lot at least twice per year after the temperatures begin to shift significantly. Look for signs of significant damage, such as potholes or cracks, and pay attention to more subtle indications of trouble. Pooling water or uneven sections can indicate drainage problems or other issues with your lot's sublayer.

2. Install Patches Promptly

If your parking lot has some minor cracks and potholes, you can usually repair these using patches and filler. Promptly addressing these problems is critical, however. First, any damage that penetrates the upper layer of asphalt provides a path for water to enter into the base layers. This water can cause much more severe damage as it expands and freezes, so quick repairs can prevent costlier problems.

Secondly, cracks, pits, and other "small" problems might indicate more serious trouble. For this reason, it's often a good idea to schedule a professional evaluation, even for minor maintenance issues. An experienced contractor can let you know if you're dealing with normal wear and tear or the tip of a much larger iceberg.

3. Sealcoat Often

Sealcoating serves two purposes: it protects the asphalt, thus extending its life, and enhances the appearance of your parking lot. You can sealcoat on an "as needed" basis, applying when the previous coat appears worn, or on a preventative basis every 2-4 years. Whichever approach you take, regular sealcoating protects your asphalt and helps to extend its lifespan while minimizing the need for repairs.

If you've been ignoring your business's parking lot, then it's time to take a good look at your asphalt and develop a robust maintenance plan. Keeping your asphalt in tip-top shape is an easy way to provide your customers with a stellar first impression. To learn more information about asphalt maintenance, reach out to a company such as Sealme.