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Residential Concrete Repairs That Make Your Cracked Patio Look More Attractive

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If your patio has several cracks and you want to improve its appearance, talk to a residential concrete repair contractor about your options. There may be ways to improve the appearance of your patio so you don't have to replace it. Here are some possible concrete repair methods to consider.

Fill and Sand The Cracks

Cracks in concrete can be sealed with a filler made for concrete whether the crack is hairline or much larger. If the crack is tiny, it can be filled with an applicator that has a narrow tip so the filler gets inside the crack. A big crack can be filled in using a trowel.

Once the filler is in the crack as deep as possible, there will probably be an uneven ridge along the top of the crack. This can be sanded away so the surface of the concrete is level and smooth.

Filling and sanding cracks improves the appearance of your patio, and it also keeps water out of the cracks that can make the cracks bigger. There will probably be a color difference in the repaired area since the filler is new and your patio concrete is old and discolored. However, the difference may not be too noticeable if the cracks are tiny.

Sand Down Uneven Cracks

The cracks have to be level on each side of the crack before they can be filled. If your patio has a big crack with one side higher than the other, the concrete repair professional may choose to sand down the high side so the crack is level. Then the crack can be filled and sanded down again.

Make sure the area around the crack is cleaned properly before the filler is applied. Sanding creates a lot of dust, and the dust has to be cleaned off before the filler is used so it adheres well.

Apply an Overlay

If your patio has many cracks and you think the repairs will be too noticeable and unsightly due to the color difference, then your contractor might recommend a concrete overlay. This type of concrete repair not only fills cracks, but it also makes your entire patio more attractive since a new, thin layer of concrete is added to the surface.

Big cracks may be repaired first, but hairline cracks can be filled in as the overlay is applied. Color and patterns can then be worked into the overlay so the repaired cracks blend in or are hidden. An overlay could make your patio look like it was made of stone or pavers instead of being a plain slab.