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Common Myths About Foundation Repair Dispelled

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A lot of what's considered common knowledge about foundation repair is actually mistaken. Here are some common myths about foundation repair and what's actually true.

Foundation Repair Is Always Expensive

While it's true that foundation repair can be one of the more expensive repairs that homeowners might face, not all foundation repair costs a lot. In fact, smaller issues that are addressed early on can be quite affordable to fix. Additionally, problems that are only cosmetic don't cost much to address.

Moreover, even major foundation repair is less expensive than what many homeowners expect to pay. While some homeowners have fears of astronomical costs, the actual price is normally quite reasonable.

Foundation Repair Can Be Delayed

Many people are tempted to forestall foundation repair, often with the impression that a repair job won't get more expensive and might even become cheaper with time. Foundation issues never become cheaper, though. While they largely are quite affordable, an issue that's not promptly addressed will only become more serious and require more extensive repair.

Whenever you have a foundation issue, you should schedule a consultation with a foundation repair service provider soon. Your house probably isn't going to crumble overnight if you just saw an issue, but an appointment is needed in a timely fashion. Once a repair specialist sees the issue in person, they can help you develop a specific timeline for addressing the problem.

Foundation Repair Issues Kill Home Purchases

Any significant foundation repair issues that a home has certainly must be addressed during the homebuying process, and you should always have a building inspection that includes a foundation inspection completed before closing on a house. 

Simply because a house has foundation issues doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't get the home, though. In fact, a home with foundation issues might provide an opportunity to get a house for well below fair market value.

If a house you're interested in could have foundation issues, make your initial offer contingent on a home inspection. Should the inspection find foundation issues, then negotiate the problem with the home seller. You and the seller might agree to have the seller complete the necessary foundation work before closing, or you two might decide to discount the sale price accordingly.

Foundation Cracks Can Just Be Filled

If there are cracks in the foundation, they should be filled — but that's not all that should be done. Cracks develop because there's a deeper issue, and a foundation expert should be consulted to identify that deeper issue.

Reach out to a local foundation repair contractor for more information.