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Concrete Decorations For Your Yard You Can Make

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If you feel like having some fun creating concrete additional touches for your yard, then you can use ready mix concrete to have a good time making those additions. Here are a couple of things you can make with ready mix concrete for your yard:

Concrete garden steps

You can make concrete garden steps that can help you to decorate your garden area and serve a functional purpose by giving you solid foundations to step on as you go through your garden.

To make concrete steps with ready mix, you want to build square frames in the size you want by nailing four pieces of wood together. Lie the wood frames on a non-stick surface or even directly on the dirt.

Pour the prepared ready mix into the frames and leave them alone until the steps are all the way dry. You want to make sure you pour in enough ready mix for the steps to be at least a couple inches thick so they can take the weight of people stepping on them.

You can set marbles, smooth stones, or even crafting gems into the concrete once it has fully formed, but before it is all the way dry. This will allow you to have decorative steps in the garden. Some people also like to decorate them by using a sharp stick or another sharp object to write messages, names, or special dates in the concrete. This can be a great way to commemorate special occasions.

Round displays for flowers

You can use the smallest-sized kiddie pool, a box cutter, and coffee cans to create a round yard display for flowers.

Set coffee cans in different areas in the pool and cut around them, so they will go through the surface of the pool and sit firmly in place. Prepare the ready mix and pour about an inch or two worth of ready mix into the kiddie pool.

When the concrete is halfway dry, remove the coffee cans from the holes. Allow the concrete to dry all the way. Have someone help you to carefully flip the pool and gently remove the round display. Put it in your yard and plant flowers in the circles.

For an added touch, you can dye the concrete so it will end up being the color of your choosing. Or, you can paint it after it has dried, but the paint will chip off over time. However, some people like this chipped look.

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