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How To Patch Concrete Like A Pro

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Concrete surfaces crack no matter what. Whether it is a wall, house foundation, huge driveway, or small sidewalk, cracks are more or less inevitable. Instead of always worrying about cracks or trying to prevent them from forming, you can repair them whenever you notice them. Of course, you can't repair cracks that are too small, but once they reach a certain width, you can easily patch cracks and holes in your concrete. This article explains the best materials to use, and how to professionally repair small cracks. For the most permanent and professional looking crack repair, you want to use special concrete patch. This is not the same as ready mix concrete. Concrete patch is a premixed formula that comes in squeezable tubes or tubs. Small caulk tubes are the best for most residential crack repairs. However, if you have a lot of concrete on your property and ton of cracks that need to be filled, and you expect that you will want to make other repairs later on, buying a large tub is a good idea because you will always have it in your tool shed to make instant repairs when necessary.

Using Concrete Crack Patch

Concrete crack patch is actually very easy to work with. It can be sticky because it is infused with glue. So, it is helpful if you have rubber gloves on hand. You also want to have a plastic or metal putty knife with a flexible blade. Before you actually start to apply any of the crack filler, you need to clean out the cracked area. If there is crumbled concrete, dirt, or weeds growing out of the crack, you want to get rid of them beforehand.

If you are using a caulk gun, you just squeeze the patch directly into the crack and fill it up to the top. Fill it until it overflows a bit, and then use a putty knife to scrape it flat, creating a smooth, seamless transition between the existing concrete and patch the crack. You may need to keep an eye on the patch as it dries because it can settle and sink down. After the patch is dry, you might still have a slight edge or ridge. This can be easily grinded or sanded down to make the transition more seamless.

This job is obviously not that difficult. Once you learn how to make crack repairs, you will be able to handle it quickly and easily. For more information, contact a company like S&W Concrete.