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Top 5 Signs That Your Concrete Parking Lot Should Be Resurfaced

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Concrete parking lots last longer, are more durable, and require less maintenance than asphalt options, but this doesn't mean that your concrete lot shouldn't be resurfaced once in awhile throughout its lifetime. Resurfacing your parking lot will give it new life and provide nearly maintenance-free use for several years to come. Here are a few important signs to look out for that might mean that your concrete parking lot should be refurbished:

Some Parking Spots are Left Empty

If some parking lots seem to be left empty more often than others during business hours, there may be some surface problems with them that should be addressed. Check the parking spots for inconsistencies that aren't apparent in the rest of the driveway such as large cracks or chips, unexplainable bumps and lumps, or even discoloration that could be keeping customers from wanting to park there. If any problems are spotted, have a professional inspect the area to help verify whether you'll benefit from resurfacing your parking lot.

Business is Slower Than Usual at Dark

If your business and parking lot is open to the public at night or early in the morning when it's dark outside and business seems slower than usual, it may be because customers don't want to navigate the lot when it's hard to see outside due to problems with the concrete surface.

If there are holes, cracks, or general inconsistencies found throughout your parking lot, people may be afraid that they'll get a flat tire or damage their vehicle in some other way by trying to drive on the parking lot when vision is impaired at dark. Having your older, worn parking lot resurfaced should help improve business during hours when it's dark outside.

The Parking Lines are Hard to Make Out

While it may be tempting just to have them painted back onto your concrete parking lot, faded or damaged parking lines in the lot could mean that the entire lot should be resurfaced. Like the concrete that makes up your parking lot itself, your painted parking lines succumb to damage from UV rays, heavy winds, rains, and other weather elements throughout the year.

So if your parking lines look worn and damaged, there is a chance that the concrete is damaged as well. Have your service technician inspect the area from corner to corner to check for areas that have become unstable and in need of resurfacing.

The Drive to a Parking Spot is Bumpy

If you don't personally drive on your parking lot regularly, you are missing out on the opportunity to spot small problems early so they can be addressed before they become too serious of costly to repair. Take the time to drive through the parking lot and experience how smooth or bumpy the ride is. If you feel like you're navigating over potholes or jagged roads, it may be time to have the concrete resurfaced so a smooth ride can be experienced again. Your concrete technician can help you determine if the entire lot needs to be resurfaced or if it can be spot treated to get the results you want.

You've Received Parking Complaints

Receiving complaints from customers about your parking lot could mean the need to have your parking lot resurfaced in order to meet their needs and expectations. You may notice that people keep complaining about the same parking space for some reason, or about the fact that cars seem to drive too slowly through the lot. Any complaints about the functionality of your parking lot should be directed to your concrete technician so they can determine whether a resurfacing treatment would make a positive impact for your customers.