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Tips For An Attractive And Effective Gravel Driveway

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Gravel is a common material for driveway paving, since it's one of the more budget options and doesn't require complicated installation. It's especially valued by homeowners with long driveways. However, gravel can also be a good looking and even useful material for paving your driveway. Choose the right gravel, and have it properly installed for an attractive entrance to your home. 

Choose the Gravel

Gravel is more than just a collection of small stones. In fact, there are several gravel options under the designation of either river rock or crushed rock. Crushed rock features angular shapes that hold together, making it more suitable than river rock for driveways.

The type of crushed rock affects the look of the gravel. Options include shale, granite, and even concrete. Driveway Guide recommends using crushed limestone or limestone aggregate for driveways because it's a durable material capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Gravel also comes in different hues—look for one in a color that complements your house's exterior.

Have Gravel Installed Professionally

Installing a gravel driveway involves more than just dumping the crushed rock in front of your house and grading it flat. In fact, the area needs to be excavated and compacted first to create a suitable surface. It's also important to lay landscaping fabric down to prevent weeds from destroying your gravel driveway. Finally, contractors typically use three sizes of gravel. They start with larger pieces as a foundation, use mid-sized rocks to secure the base, and finish with the desired landscaping gravel.

Include an Edging

Edging your gravel driveway has two purposes. One is to keep the gravel in place. The second purpose is to beautify your driveway. To both ends, a raised edging is ideal. You could choose natural stone such as granite or cobblestone. Belgian blocks, which are typically cut from granite, are a popular choice for edging a driveway. It's also possible to edge the driveway with brick or concrete pavers. If you want a rustic appearance, consider landscape timbers or railroad ties. Finally, you could have metal edging installed and conceal it with shrubbery.

Refill Ground Water

 A useful benefit of having a gravel driveway installed is that it can be permeable, which means it allows the water to pass through. This means you can recharge your ground water with a gravel driveway. As the water flows through the cracks between rocks, it gets filtered of pollutants as it percolates through the surface. To that end, it's necessary to have your driveway constructed with a permeable design. Contractors include a sand layer and use a filter fabric for the fabric layer.

Have a driveway installed that's attractive and even eco-friendly.