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The Importance Of Concrete Sealing ~ What Every Homeowner Should Know

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Do you have a concrete driveway on your property? If so, it was likely coated shortly after the installation. Contractors generally perform concrete sealing after the concrete has cured. If it is done prematurely, it may negatively impact the curing process. At some point, seal coating will need to be done again. This is something that some property owners do not realize and it can lead to unnecessary paving damages. The following are a few key reasons concrete sealing is essential.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Concrete sealers provide a protective barrier. This means that when certain substances come into contact with the seal coat, the protective barrier keeps the substances off of the concrete. Dirt is an example of a substance that can settle on concrete. Without seal coating, it would take scrubbing and other cleaning techniques to remove the dirt. However, sealing your concrete will mean that you can clean it in a manner that it not strenuous and comparable to a workout.

Extends the Life of Concrete

You likely know that maintaining certain things on your property will ensure that they last longer. This is why homeowners get their HVAC and plumbing systems routinely serviced. You may not have realized that ensuring your concrete is sealed can extend its life. 

Protects Against Damage 

Common concrete damages are cracks. Sealing can prevent cracks or reduce the severity of them. Cracks can occur in concrete due to the earth shifting. They can also happen due to freeze and thaw cycles. Crack sealing and seal coating are your best defenses against serious crack issues. Sealcoating also ensures that driveways are protected against damage from snow, rain, and UV rays.

Ensures Aesthetic Appeal

Cracked concrete driveways that are not sealed or repaired may make a property look shoddy to some onlookers. Since concrete is porous, it can absorb oil and other substances such as dirt when it does not have a proper seal. The substances that can penetrate the surface can cause the concrete to look aged and filthy. 

A concrete contractor is a good resource to use to understand more about the importance of sealing your driveway at the recommended intervals. Even if you have not been getting the service performed in the past and have concrete damages, they might be able to make repairs and seal your driveway, which could extend its life. Sometimes the damage to driveways that have not been cared for is too extensive for repairs to correct.