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How To Complete Your Own Concrete Slab Demolition

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When a concrete slab on your property needs to be removed to make space for another structure or because it is beyond repair, you can do the demolition work yourself and save on some of the labor costs. Be sure to wear safety gear, such as safety glasses and wear hearing protection when using any powered equipment. Here are some steps to help you safely complete a demolition of your concrete patio, driveway, or other surface. Read More»

How To Pour Your Own Concrete Countertop For Install In Your Home

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When you replace your kitchen counter, there are many types of material to choose from for a new counter surface. A concrete countertop can give you a durable and attractive surface, and you can construct your own. Here are instructions to help you complete this project with a fewbuilding materials. Measure and Build the Form First, you will need to build the form for your new concrete counter. Measure your old countertop for its dimension, or measure the base cabinet’s dimensions and add3/4-inch to each edge for the counter’s overhang. Read More»